Rubina Dilaik Shows Off Mommy Curves In A Swimsuit And Sarong Glimpses From First Trip Post-Delivery

Rubina Dilaik shared photos and videos from her first trip with her husband, Abhinav Shukla, after becoming parents. However, her appearance stood out.



Famous television actress Rubina Dilaik experienced the joy of motherhood for the very first time on November 27, 2023. She and her beloved husband, Abhinav Shukla, were blessed with twin daughters on the auspicious occasion of Gurupurab, whom they named Edhaa and Jeeva. Since then, Rubina has been sharing glimpses of her post-pregnancy phase, which have been breathtaking. Her social media accounts are filled with pictures and videos of her cherishing every moment with her little ones and happily embracing her body’s changing form. Rubina is basking in the newfound bliss of motherhood with utmost grace and joy.

Post-pregnancy, Rubina Dilaik shares glimpses of her latest trip

On February 11, 2024, the famous television actress Rubina Dilaik took to her Instagram handle to share glimpses of her latest trip with her husband, Abhinav Shukla, after giving birth to their child. In the first picture she shared, Rubina looked stunning in a yellow floral printed dress, which she paired with subtle makeup and open tresses. The photo was taken in a scenic location, with lush greenery in the background. 

In another picture she shared, Rubina gave us a sneak peek of the healthy and delicious food she enjoyed during her trip. Her meal included an avocado sandwich, beetroot chutney, and other healthy treats that looked delicious and nutritious. Rubina appeared to be glowing with happiness and contentment in all the pictures she shared, and her fans were delighted to catch a glimpse of her personal life through her social media posts.

Also, she shared a video on her social media pages, where the actress can be seen with her husband as they sit on the beach enjoying the sea breeze and the sun. In blue-hued shorts, Avinash appeared to be flaunting his bare body with flair, as he was seen in a half-seated and half-lying position, flaunting his abs in a semi-transparent t-shirt. While Rubina sported a red swimsuit paired with a see-through sarong, she still looked stunning. It was seen that she kept her hair tied in a messy bun, and she proudly displayed her mommy’s body during the photo shoot.

During her pregnancy, Rubina Dilaik shared glimpses of her life

In a recent video uploaded on her official YouTube channel, Rubina Dilaik, the famous Indian television actress, shared a complete insight into her pregnancy diet. The video was a delightful treat for her fans as it showed her eating a variety of tasty dishes that she enjoyed during her pregnancy. 

The video began with Rubina showing her healthy breakfast platter, which included a delicious avocado, a pesto sandwich, scrambled eggs, juicy tomatoes, and a protein shake. In the next segment, she shared glimpses of her husband, Abhinav, cooking spaghetti with a special sauce at home, which they both relished together. 

Rubina’s video also featured seasonal fruits and veggies that she incorporated into her diet, such as mangoes, pineapples, and pomegranates. She also enjoyed Mexican cuisine at a restaurant and indulged in a healthy yet delicious Parsi breakfast.

Further, she showed the homemade butter and Panjiri ladoos, made from dry fruits, that her doting mother prepared for her to eat during her pregnancy days. The video was informative and showed how one can eat healthily and enjoyably during pregnancy.

Rubina on why postpartum weight loss is difficult

Towards the end of the video, Rubina divulged personal details about her pregnancy journey. She opened up about the challenges she faced post-delivery while trying to shed the excess weight she had gained during her pregnancy. She was seen recording herself, explaining how she gave in to her cravings and indulged in her favorite foods during her pregnancy. However, she admitted that losing weight was now proving to be a bit difficult due to the excessive fat she had accumulated during the same period.

Rubina said:

“Maine bharpur, jee kholkar khaya hai. And that’s the reason, weight loss karne me ab thoda bahut taqleef ho rahi hai. I have consumed a lot of fat content. Nonetheless, I have no regrets at all. I have enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy time.”

Rubina showed off her postpartum curves

A few days back, the gorgeous Rubina Dilaik surprised her fans and followers by sharing stunning pictures of herself on her Instagram handle.

The new mother looked breathtaking in her mustard-yellow ensemble, which consisted of an intricately embroidered blouse. She let her hair down in soft waves to complete her look. Rubina’s dewy makeup and the radiance of her post-pregnancy glow added to her charm. Moreover, what made her fans go gaga over her was the way she confidently flaunted her postpartum curves without any hesitation or shyness.

We love Rubina’s recent trip pictures with Abhinav. What do you think?

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